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Stories about Noah

Noah's Mom, Evening Ransom Stark

I remember Noah. He was in my second grade class at Griffin School. Although I don't remember all of the students I've had in my long caree, I remember Noah vividly. Maybe it was his white/blond hair, maybe it was his serious nature, no, it was probably just the sweet little boy who was very special. At the ended second grade, he moved away, but there have been many times over the years that I have wondered about him. Rest in peace, Noah.


I only knew Noah for a couple of months, but I will always cherish our time at Visions together. He had the kindest heart and would always put a smile on my face. He never failed to make me laugh when I had a rough day. He's also the main reason why I like rock music. I remember the guys at the house would play Guitar Hero 24/7! It would drive me crazy, but I finally caved in when Noah would play. You could see the passion and love when he played and that was so amazing to see. He also taught me how to play pool; he always won! Noah was such a sweetheart and always cared for others. I still can't believe that he is not here with us today. He's touched so many lives and inspired many. Rest easy Noah.



I attended the candle lighting for my friend Noah yesterday on July 18th, 2016. As I stood in the crowd of roughly two hundred people and listened to each person speak about Noah. They were telling stories about him, sharing memories, hearing how each person had met him, how he had made an impact on so many peoples lives and listening to how much love everyone has for him and how much he is missed. As I listened to the first person who spoke, I couldn't help but cry. I would laugh and smile hearing the funny stories about him but cry because it was sinking in even more that he is really gone. I wanted to speak so badly so that I could let everyone there know how special he was to me and how much of an impact he had on my life. But I couldn't even think about speaking without crying. I saw all the posts on Facebook about him and I sat down in the same spot for hours up all night trying to think of the perfect words to write about him in my post. After a day with no sleep I ended up making the post private and decided I wanted to put something on here. It may not be perfect but I hope this comes across in the way I want it to to others. When I heard the news about Noah I was, and still am completely devastated over this. I met Noah when we were in fourth grade at Pioneer Elementary. I still remember when he was the new kid in my class. Him and I were in the Y-Care program after school together. Noah has always had the best sense of humor and would make everyone laugh and still does. He was a daredevil and was unlike anyone I have ever met. He was the kid who never turned down a challenge. He would be eating bugs and paperclips with a big goofy grin on his face. From the first time I saw him I knew he was special. When I meet people I go off of vibes. I get good vibes from people and I get bad vibes. Noah gave me a good vibe that was different than the usual vibe. I enjoyed being around Noah because he always kept it real. While everyone constantly changes who they are around others and try to be just like everyone else, he was always just Noah. One of the many things I love about him is how real and unique he was and how he never pretended to be anyone he wasn't. I have struggled my whole life due to traumatic events from my childhood. At a young age I got diagnosed with anxiety and depression because of what I went through as a child. I haven't been truly happy since I was to young to remember. All my life all I have ever wanted was someone to understand me and truly know me. I have never felt that anyone has, even to this day, except for Noah. I always felt that him and I understood each other and could relate on so many different things. I started using marijuana, alcohol and tried ecstasy at a young age and was one of the only few kids to have tried anything when I was in middle school. I have struggled with alcohol and drug addiction since then. I remember kids saying horrible things about me and looking at me so badly for doing so. I still remember how anxious, depressed and lonely I felt because of how I was treated by others. Although the many feelings such as anxiety, stress, depression and loneliness never left me, talking to Noah always made me feel less alone. He made something I didn't think was ever possible for me to feel, possible. It was nice to know there was somebody who didn't judge me and who understood why I was doing the things I did because they were going through something similar. He was such a caring and understanding person. He was full of love. Noah was hands down the most talented person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. His ability to write and play his own music was insane. I would get so excited to tell everyone I knew about how talented he was and how when he made it big one day I would get to say, "I hungout with him!" I remember he would be banging on his guitar downtown and people passing by would be asking what White Stripes song he was playing. To see the look on their faces after hearing it was his own music was so great and satisfying. I wanted the world to hear Noah's music so badly because he had so much talent. Noah would have ended up becoming one of the greatest musicians of our generation. I always loved the passion he had for his music and I never once doubted that he was going to be famous in the future. He would pour his soul into every song he played and wrote and every show he performed. I would get so angry and still am angry at all the people who judged and deserted Noah for being an addict and for making mistakes just like everyone does. It baffled me how some people couldn't see the amazing qualities in Noah until he was gone and just because he suffered from the disease of addiction. People failed to see how good of a person he was because of people shaming addiction. People have a way of pigeonholing those who suffer from addiction as "trash," "junkies" or "criminals," which is hardly ever the truth. Yes, there are millions of addicts who do things that are "bad." They may lie, cheat or steal from friends, but there are also millions of people who do all of those things and even worse who aren't addicts. Whether somebody is an alcoholic/drug addict who is currently using, a recovering alcoholic/addict or they have done drugs at any point in their life, neither of those things make them in any way a bad person. I could never judge or desert Noah for that because I understood him more than a lot of people. Addiction isn't something someone can control, people like Noah and myself didn't chose to be addicts. I wish the people who only saw the addiction and bad things in Noah could see how amazing he truly was and how much he gave to others. I would know when Noah was using but I never thought it would turn out like this. It all still doesn't seem real. Most addicts like Noah and myself think that we are invincible. I just keep asking myself why it had to be Noah. I want to make an effort from this point on to spread awareness about drug and alcohol addiction to everyone. Addiction is not a game and Addiction is the reason such a beautiful, talented, loving and smart young life was taken at just 20 years old. I wish I would have gotten the chance to spend a whole lot more time with Noah than I already have. The world was truly robbed of someone so talented and beyond special. Noah will be missed but never forgotten. He was a special soul and I hope he is looking down on us all and can see how many people love him and care about him. I'll miss you Noah, thank you for everything. You have affected my life positively more than you will ever know. Rest in Paradise, friend.


Hi there! I'm not sure if you remember me but I was one of Noah's friends from Visions in Malibu a few years ago. I messaged Liam the other day too. I just wanted to say me and another housemate of his, Allie, miss him very much and we are here if you need us. My mother Toukie remembers him as well.

Love, AK

by Anonymous.

Your family has always been there for me. You guys tooke me to Whistler during Christmas when my parents were away and that's just how your family was. I love all you guys and I'm sorry for you loss.

Love you so much, Nathan.

Sending loving thoughts to you! I am so sorry for your loss. May God keep you in His care.​


I loved everything about you. We got into trouble a lot but iw as so much fun.

I love you, Anonymous.

Noah, we'll always hear you voice. We cannot eve forget your sound. Your being extends beyond your body, down from heavenly dimensions, and continues to earth in the lives of all these people here.​

Love, Anonymous

I love you Noah, you were such an amazing inspiration. I wish I had more time to let you know that. R.I.P.

Love D'Andra

You beautiful soul. I hopt you are showing the angel's your amazing talents and heart of gold.​


We love you.

Ron, Cindi, Johanina, Ryan, Connor, Eliza, Austin, Sadie

I love you f..k face. I had so many memories to share... all great but so naughty. But I will always carry you everywhere.​


Noah, I have never met anyone like you and I will carry you in my heart forever,

Love Maddy M.

Love you forever Noah,


Dear Noah, I know you probably don't remember me but I am one of Reed's friends. I remember one day I was riding back to Reed's house and we pulled into the driveway and Reed got soooo excited to see you and I didn't even know you and I was like, "what's the big deal?" And the first minute I hung out with you, I realized why he was so exicted to see you. The first day I met you I felt like we had been friends for years. I loved your enthusiasm and energy. Thank you for being so kind to me and mkaing my best friend so happy.​ R.I.P. Noah, I will never forget you and that day.


Noah, it was an honor meeting and hanging otu with you while I could and while it lasted. R.I.P.

Love you bro, Caleb

Loving you eternally,


Noah will be forever remembered and loved.


Noah, the times I met you impacted me forever. Your music inspired me. You are raw with so much energy and passion. From the first time we met, I felt your impact. I regret not ever getting to be closer with you.​

Rest well, Anonymous.

Thanks for the greatness. Truly blessed by you forever.

Love, Anonymous

I love you man. Rest in peace. I'll see you in a better place. You are like a brother to me. Rock on.

Love ya, Kyle.

Best cousing ever. Rest in paradise.

Cousin Reed

You made me laugh the very first time I met you. And you were so sweet.

R.I.P. Elisa

Noah​, you have inspired so many people. you have inspired me to say clean. Thank you for that. Sending you much love.

Love always, Morgan.

Noah, you are so amazing, you have me freedom and love. I miss you so much and there is so much I wish I could say to you.

Rest in peace fat cat, Kamri

I will always love you Noah,


I've never met someone who was so cool and funny but so scary at the same time. You will be missed by so many. Thanks for all the laughs Noah.

Liam M.

From the moment I first met you I got a different vibe from you than I have ever got from someone else. You always made me less lonely and understood.

Rest in paradise friend, Karoum

The amount of love that you held in your whole being was too real.


For the short time I had with him he was one of my best friends growing up and one of the first friends. I truely appreciated growing up with him.

Rest easy brother, Anonymous

He was really a pleasure getting to know. I hope all is well.


Well, F*@k man. If I knew how to pay my respect how you wanted then I would. I don't know man.

I love you, Zueh

Noah! That show in Bellingham was kickass! Would kill for another moment like that with you.


I loved all the fun biking moments we had and all the trouble we caused.


Loved when you picked me out of the crowd to play bass for you man. You will be in all of our hearts forever.

Love, Nate

Noah, I had the priviledge of getting to know you when we were younger... You were a lover + your love for life will live on. I Miss you.


He was dearest.


I knew Noah just long enough to find out he had a great friendly nature, and big heart. He will be missed.


When you looked into his eyes you saw the miles behind him. Old soul doesn't cover it. You looked and saw his pain, joy and his soul steching out forever. Any show he played was ravenous, intimate and authentic. You alwasy saw him.

Blessed be Noah, J

Noahs stamp on my heart


Noah, i have been talking to you every night and have been avoiding doing this as a facebook wall seems so insignificant and unworthy of the things i truly want to say to you. As you know, during the time we spent together i valued you, your talent, opinion and sense of self more than just about anybody else around us. You have taught me so much noah, we are two very different, almost opposite people, maybe that is why i admired you so much. You helped me rediscover my passion for writing "real" music, you believed in me. you appluaded me for sitting behind my instrument and belting out a painfilled rock ballad rather than reducing myself to an autotuned hook and a beat. playing with you, those hours we spent struggling to merge our ever different sounds, is some of the most fun ive ever had playing music. we gravitated towards each other because there was mutual admiration, sure. but i learned things from you that went beyond respecting myself as an artist. One of the first nights i was at sober college was a talent show night, i had just gotten in, so i didnt play. i sat back judging most of the at best painful performances, thinking to myself what i was doing in the seats. and then you played, three songs. after the first, i was blown away and would check in with you during the following acts expecting to bond over some mutual judgment. instead what i got was a lesson, you were cheering, clapping and singing along with everyone as they gave the best performance they could and struggled through the music they had bravely chose to play. i went to talk to you after, still blown away by your acoustic version of "change". right there without having ever heard my voice you agreed that we should play together, that you were so happy to have another musician around and that studio time was on Tuesday. throughout the rest of my time there i always made an effort to support whoever with whatever they wanted to do musically because that is what you taught me. what can i bring to this studio, what can i bring to this show, what can i bring to this world, whether than what can it bring to me. I love you noah, i will always miss you and i will always play covers of your songs when i practice to remind myself of the passion and compassion you brought to life.


Your dear friend, Blake

Noah, I had the priviledge of getting to know you when we were younger... You were a lover + your love for life will live on. I Miss you.


Thank you for you and Noah for putting some sort of happiness into my brother's heart. I wish for Noah's sake to become an electric protection for the many others that share the struggles that my brother and Noah felt.


Noah, your light shines so bright it can rival the brightest star. Such a pleasure to witness and be a part of your ever lasting radience... I have last many people and usually the pain fades. This is truely different. I will remember you until I'm snuffing my own candle out.

Love you always, Raven.

Noah my brother, friend and much more. Let you rock on for eternity.

Much love, Dayquan

Thank you for lighting my fire.

Mr. L

Dear Evening, Liam, friends and family of Noah; I am so sorry to hear of Noah's passing. I knew Noah, briefly, when he was very young, I would see him when I was visiting my grandmother. I remember going for ice cream, meeting Liam shortly after he was born (and Noah's smile about his new brother) and swimming. My brother and I loved it when we got to see Noah and Liam as they were much younger and we liked helping care for them. I still remember what a gentle, loving boy Liam was, even at such a young age. And he was always smiling and had such a special sparkle in his eyes. Our families lost touch and so many years have passed but I wanted you to know Noah will have a special place in my heart. Thank you for being so open in talking about his life, I loved learning about who he was as a teenager and young man. Thank you also for talking openly about his death, hopefully Noah's story will inspire others to talk more openly about trauma and addiction. I send love and hugs to all of you. Grief is painful and exhausting, take care of yourselves and each other.


My memory of Noah was of a newborn, November, 1995. My best friend, Noah's grandma, and I were both gifted with the births of our first grandchildren then. We were both overjoyed at the prospect of grandchildren, and the two boys came to our world five days apart. Quite a coincidence, we got the mothers and the babies together soon after their births to celebrate, and it was so joyful to see another generation of our families starting. We were examining the boys to the point that we stripped them down to skin, just to see the obvious similarities they shared. I can remember vividly seeing them there on my dining room table, and taking in the wonder of these two miracles. Now, with this overwhelming sorrow of losing Noah, my mind races back to that picture in my mind, of the two babies, awakening of a new generation given to us to love, and care for, then having to let them grow up and leave on their own. Noah is special and his passing is gut wrenching. His life and his musical talents touched many, I too picture him in heaven with his guitar, keeping the music flowing.



We met your dear son while he was at Visions in Malibu. Our daughter Allie, was there at the same time also dealing with some challenges. I recall how sweet Noah was and you may not know but even the directors said all the girls had a crush on him. I remember our intense family sessions and how much your family loved and supported him. I am so sorry for your loss. We have all of you in our thoughts and prayers.

Shelley, Ron and Allie

While I didn't know Noah, many of the young people in my life did. Over this last week, I have watched them mourn his loss with incredible passion and it's clear that he was a passionate young man who touched many lives. They all talk about him as someone who brought joy into their lives, so even though he struggled to consistently find his own, it is clear that he was a powerful force for love and happiness among his friends. I also wanted to thank you for your honesty about his addiction. It is so important that we don't hide the struggles of our loved ones in shame. We need to make their stories known, so that maybe even just one other person will reach out and ask for help when they're hurting or help another when they see them falling. Much love to your family and Noah's community of friends.


E-- I've been so lost the last few days. It feels so good to read your words and to hear your voice talking about Noah, about what happened and about your feelings surrounding it all. This is a beautiful tribute to our bright light, Noah. I'll probably write more tomorrow. I just needed you to know how honoring and right this site feels. You and Liam have been on our hearts so much. I know we've had our struggles, but I have always loved your Noah. You were an extraordinary mom to him. Peace to you,



Dear Erin, Liam, family and friends, My heart is broken for you all. I will never forget Noah. I can hear the sound of his gravely grown up voice already at 10 and see that impish smile and the twinkle in his eyes. He is frozen in time for me, just this way. An old soul, as you said, and on a new journey. Sending you love and angels.


Love, Mrs. C.

 I only had the privilege of being in Noah's company a handful of times but he inspired alot of creativity in me. He was the only person ive ever played music with who could match my singing volume. His powerful rasp blended so well with my voice. After the first time I met him I went home and wrote a song. Not about him but becuase of him....once, I asked him if he knew any covers and he replied "no, I only play my own songs" he had high praise for my own written songs and encouraged me to play them... later down the road I remembered his words and through out ever cover i had in my notebook and started playing only the songs i had written....I wish I could have sang with him more. Its funny how you think...there's still time with people...but truely, you have no idea...someone can be gone so quick. A reminder to myself not to take time for granted.


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